• 23 April 2017

    Perhaps trying to be relevant to our culture does us more harm than good. What if we pursued resilience instead? more»
    Relevance or Resilience?
  • 14 September 2016

    A person cannot know the extraordinary privilege of being part of God's family unless someone tells them the good news so that they can respond. Consequently, one of our central purposes as a Christian to take up the challenge of sharing the message of Christ to others. more»
  • 14 July 2016

    John 15:16"You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain..”Types of fruitfulnessPhysical – meeting of more»
  • 29 March 2016

    We suggested that a good next step was a once a month 24/7 prayer room. The Pastor was deeply worried. What if no one signed up. What if they had to fill all the slots themselves! They advertised the event and the slots filled easily, even the ones overnight. 
    The Pastor called us to tell us how it had gone. They had loved it. But even bigger than that God had given them a heart for their town. Evangelism was now top of their priority list. more»
  • 23 March 2016

    Evangelism is far from dead in New Zealand, but I think it is true that for the average Kiwi Christian in the average Kiwi church, seeing someone come to faith is an exceedingly rare event. How did church evangelism get to this place? I believe the highly individualistic approach of past training evangelists is largely to blame. more»
  • 8 March 2011

    Increased access to private transportation and communication technologies has trivialised place. Does physical geography or local proximity really matter anymore? more»
    Closeup - Who Is My Neighbour?
  • 30 August 2010

    The church is not just called to do something, it's called to be something – a witness to God's intentions for all things. Mission is not merely something we do, it is something we are – the new and redeemed people of God. more»
    Being and doing - the truly missional church
  • 20 August 2010

    Eric blogs how some insights from a 1929 book on the history of mechanical inventions prove surprisingly apt when applied to a church wanting to change the world. more»
    The Most Powerful Idea in the World
  • 25 June 2010

    Here is a practical step-by-step plan for establishing and growing a house of prayer on your street that will bless your neighbourhood through a lifestyle of 'Prayer Care Share'. more»
    Nine simple steps to starting a prayer 'lighthouse' on your street
  • 13 May 2010

    By giving children opportunities to serve others, we ensure that externally focused ministry will not be a wave that passes, but a sustainable movement, improving the future of the church's ability to reach the lost. more»
    Why serving alongside your kids is a good idea
  • 22 April 2010

    Getting God's heart of love for our community - rather than just grabbing a good idea. more»
    A more excellent way
  • 31 March 2010

    Wise words about the need to keep young people in mind as we do church and neighbourhood outreach more»
    Keeping Your Church Young
  • 10 March 2010

    Is it just me? I often hear my dad's voice in my head. He’s usually reminding me not to get a big head. That was his infamous way of making sure none of his seven kids thought too highly of more»
    Don't Get a Big Head!
  • 22 December 2009

    So it looks like you're going to be home this Christmas, while just about everyone else heads out of town. Hmm. If that doesn't really excite you, spare a thought for your neighbours who are in the same boat. more»
    Ideas for befriending your neighbours this Christmas (even if it's already Christmas Eve!)
  • 25 August 2009

    Immigrants are more open to being engaged about the relevance and significance of the Christian faith for their life. They also have greater physical needs. more»
    Loving our Neighbours from Somewhere Else
  • 18 August 2009

    With summer just around the corner, here are ten sure-fire ways to engage with your neighbours. more»
  • 12 August 2009

    Christ is in the movie theaters; he's on the radio and on the street corners. We don't have to drag people to church to find him. Once we're redeemed, what we do have to drag is ourselves--to the streets and the cinemas, to the prisons and the boardrooms?Ǩbringing our broken but transformed lives out into the world to mingle and meet with the broken but not-yet-transformed. more»
  • 8 August 2009

    "The garden is a 'commons' and any hungry person can eat there without asking permission from anyone," Bartlett says. "The kids ask: 'But who owns the garden?' God is the owner, I reply. If you work here, every time you come you can eat. Even if you don't work here, but you are hungry, you can eat whatever you can find." more»
  • 20 July 2009

    ?Ǩ?Poverty?Ǩ is not a word we like to use to describe living conditions in supposedly affluent New Zealand. But poverty caused by unmanageable debt affects thousands of New Zealand families. Thirty percent of New Zealand households have taken out loans just to meet basic needs, such as food or power. more»
    If the CAP fits...
  • 9 July 2009

    I will never forget when it dawned on me that I was too busy saving the world to actually see the world. It was around 13 years ago. The culmination of this huge revelation happened as I was driving home one night with my wife and young daughter in the car. more»
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