Weekend workshops for your whole church

Is your church achieving its potential for kingdom success?

Is there an exciting sense in your church that everyone is on the same mission – and it’s working? This can only happen when everyone in church finds a common language, identifies common goals and discovers new ways to work together. But first, we need to agree on what we really want.

Our agenda is to help your whole church, whatever its size, succeed at effective and sustainable community outreach.

While your church may run particular community outreach programmes, these typically only involve a small number from your church and engage with a narrow demographic from your community. How do we get everyone involved in local mission?

For everyone in church to be able to play an active part, we need a strategy that is simple and doable by anybody. We believe the answer lies in:

  • Modelling a culture of invitation and hospitality;
  • Including church family in our relationships with others;
  • Thinking about what church structures can do support these efforts.

We begin by listening to your church leadership to hear what it is that you really want. What beliefs, behaviours or cultural norms are holding your church back? Together we will try and find the ‘elegant solution’ – how to achieve the maximum desired outcome with the simplest strategic effort. We then design a catalytic workshop for the whole church to start you on the journey, with a daily reflection tool to reinforce the learning over the following weeks. Practical next steps and mutual accountability are all built in!

All we do is at the invitation of a host church and we will tailor the content, format and duration of the training to your specific needs. Where others attend the workshops or training events they are guests ‘listening in’ on what your church is learning.

Our training is credible

We are experienced in training and facilitation and over the years we have tapped into a wide network of thought leaders who have helped facilitate sessions for us – see a gallery of past facilitators here. We are learners ourselves, currently engaged in a church plant in Pt Chevalier in Auckland.


Our training is underwritten by our partners CAP, mainly music and Alpha

Whether or not these ministries are already a part of your church, they are willing to help underwrite the expense of running Love Your Neighbour training at your place – because we all believe that by going after the same vision your church will make a real kingdom difference in its community.

Contact us today and let’s have a conversation about how we can serve you!