God Space

God Space


Christians feel a lot of angst when it comes to talking about their faith. Our media-driven culture is increasingly hostile towards Christianity and if you are anxious about broaching the topic you are in good company!

So how can caring Christians help spiritual seekers find faith? In his book ‘God Space’ author Doug Pollock shows how noticing, serving, listening and asking ‘wondering’ questions can help find someone’s spiritual address so that you can share the bit of your God story that they need the most right now.

The message of ‘God Space’ really resonates with Kiwis. Here is what some of the 1000+ who came out to a God Space Tour workshop with Doug had to say:

I like how much more relaxed I feel about evangelism. I am open to discussions rather than debates with not-yet-Christians (and with believers as well, actually) and I like the freedom that brings. However, I still find it hard to remain uncritical and open-minded – this will take lots of practice!

You have blessed us with such a great resource, and such a simple yet radical approach for building the Kingdom is so useful! I am trying to listen better and make space for God-centred conversation

It was great! I have been sharing what I learned everywhere I go! I am learning to be a better observer and listener when encountering people. I am taking time to really listen and let the person know I care and am listening carefully. I am being bold to ask “I was wondering why you feel that way?” when a response is unexpected and being bold enough to ask permission to tell my story when it is appropriate to do so.

‘Activating God Space’ is a church kit that helps a church go on a six-week journey through the book ‘God Space’. Build a culture of creating ‘God space’ in your church congregation and see a new zeal for your community take root!

Find the book and the church kit here

Free sermons for a church-wide journey through 'God Space'