What happened: Glenfield Baptist workshop August 2016

This significant workshop at Glenfield Baptist drew around 60 participants from 20 churches on the topic of helping community ministries design for Kingdom Success.

Michaela Vernall was our inspirational thought-leader on Friday evening, answering the ‘Why’ question as she related her journey and experiences in helping grow Bethlehem Baptist into the successful, missional church it is today.

On Saturday morning our World Café wrestled with the question: What must community ministries do to achieve kingdom success?”

After morning tea we got really practical about the ‘How’ as we used this rubric to determine the vital behaviours that need to be implemented/changed to take success to the next level.

To see the full evaluations of the workshop submitted on the day, you can click here. 100% of attendees indicated that the workshop either met or exceeded their expectations.

Here are some memorable quotes from our participants:

“Great balance between listening and hands-on doing!”

“I loved being able to work in the zone where the rubber meets the road and come up with a (much-needed) plan!”

“Fantastic tool to generate some really insightful ideas that are practical and actionable!”

A special thanks to the underwriters of this workshop: Glenfield Baptist, Alpha, mainly music and Christians Against Poverty (CAP).

Interested in having us do a workshop at your place? Contact howard@loveyourneighbour.nz